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Mission and Catholic Identity

  Please describe, in narrative form, how your school meets and/or exceeds the criteria listed below.
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1. Describe in detail the process your school community followed to develop your mission statement.  Include the mission statement as part of your response.
2. Provide at least one account of a debate or discussion among members of your school community in which your mission determined a fundamental decision or aspect of school operation.
3. Explain how your school mission statement is comprehensively reviewed and evaluated by school stakeholders each year.
4. Describe, as specifically as possible, your school's vision and its impact on school planning.


5. Provide at least 2 – 3 examples of ways in which your school’s mission impacts teachers’ approaches to religious instruction.


6. Provide a “map,” graphic organizer, or other depiction that reflects the integration of Catholic identity into all aspects of school life and culture.  If you are unable to provide the information in the space below, please email it to Lorena Duarte at
7. How do displayed artifacts and the environment as a whole consistently reflect the school’s commitment to its essential tradition, spirituality, and mission?  To support this response, submit either a 3-minute video (without sound track) or no more than 12 photographs/slides (submit to Lorena Duarte at
8. Using specific examples, explain how Catholic social teachings are integrated into all grade levels and various curricular areas beyond single service projects.

liturgy, prayer, and spiritual life

9. Identify and describe the ways in which multiple forms of prayer are integrated, in age-appropriate ways, into the life and culture of your school community.
10. Describe how the faculty and staff's spiritual and religious growth and development are fostered by organized school programs. Provide specific examples of the ways in which faculty and staff members assume leadership roles in this effort. How many faculty and staff are involved?
11. In what ways is the liturgical experience of the school developed and integrated into all aspects of school life including community outreach and parental involvement?
12. Describe your retreat program(s) for students and faculty.

service and gospel witness

13. Provide examples of the school's outreach to people on the margins of your community.
14. Describe how your school's service efforts include reflection, preparation, and intentional connection to Catholic social teachings.
15. In what ways do faculty, staff, and other adults in the school/parish community participate in the school’s service initiatives?
16. Describe the process your school uses to assess its graduates’ personal integration of faith-based knowledge, dispositions, and skills; i.e., students in the current 8th grade or senior class.


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