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The primary reasons that parents send their children to a Catholic school are:

  1. Academic excellence
  2. Emphasis on Catholic values
  3. Healthy social relationships
  4. A supportive, safe environment

A Catholic education means…


College-bound peers – The vast majority, approximately 94% of Catholic school graduates, pursue higher education. Catholic School graduates are often pursued by prestigious colleges.

A rigorous curriculum – Most students take four years of STEM, mathematics, history, English, science, foreign language and religious studies.

Self-discipline – Students are expected to accept responsibility for their actions, to respect others and to make good decisions in the context of their faith experience.

Christ as a model – The goal of a Catholic education is to help children mature into Christ-like people. Students are encouraged to recognize the presence of Christ in themselves and others. The religious formation of children begun at home is continued in Catholic school.

A safe, supportive environment – Reverence for the human dignity of every person comes from recognizing Christ in self and others. More than “drug-free zones” or “gun-free zones," Catholic schools strive to be “Christ-centered zones."

High expectations – Catholic school teachers encourage every student to achieve his or her full potential.

Committed parents – Parents are a child’s first teachers. At Catholic schools, parents take an active role in their children’s education. The school supports families and works with them for the benefit of children.

A caring community – Catholic school teachers and staff partner with parents and families to support formation of the whole child - academically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Students are nurtured in the faith and known by name.

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