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Course Objectives

To provide high ability learners with opportunities to develop advanced critical thinking and 21st century literacies by:

  • Using interactive web based technology to seek, exchange and respond to ideas.
  • Working independently at a fast pace to pursue intellectual and aesthetic growth.
  • Collaborating with other high ability learners from throughout the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.
  • Engaging in problem-based learning with real world, cross-curricular connections.
  • Exploring advanced literature and accelerated curriculum.

Building Address (use for deliveries)
Archdiocese of Milwaukee
3501 South Lake Drive
St. Francis, WI  53235 (map)

Mailing Address
Archdiocese of Milwaukee
PO Box 070912
Milwaukee, WI  53207

Phone Numbers
Janelle Luther: (414) 758-2256
Laura Kacala: (414) 758-2254

(414) 769-3408

General email

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