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Things you should know...

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  How much does it cost to attend the convention?

Full-day attendance includes the morning sessions, access to the exhibit hall, the keynote address, and luncheon and is $40 per person.  All elementary school educators are required to attend the full day.  Partial attendance includes the morning sessions and access to the exhibit hall and is $25 per person.  The partial attendance option is only available to high school educators.

  How is payment for the convention handled?

With the new RegFox registration system, you may pay immediately using a credit card.  You may also pay by check or make arrangements to have the fees paid with Title funds.  Payments should be mailed to Janelle Luther, Archdiocese of Milwaukee, 3501 South Lake Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53207.  Checks should be made payable to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

  Will there be COVID-related safety protocols in place at convention?

Yes, please view the latest safety protocols here. 

  Can we use Title money to pay for the convention?

Title money may be used to pay for the convention.  Submit the following documentation to the public school Title coordinator or to your Title vendor: registration confirmations, a completed invoice, a sign-in sheet from the day of the event, and the name badges for your educators.  Different disctricts and vendors may have additional requirements.  For MPS, the convention must be listed on your Needs Assessment and pre-approved at least 30 days prior to the event.   

  How will the sessions I signed up for be confirmed?

When the selections are entered, you will receive an immediate confirmation.  If a session is full, the session number will no longer appear in the drop-down list; you will then need to enter the second choice indicated for that time slot.  For each attendee, the numbers for the sessions selected will appear on the confirmation and on the name badge.  Name badges will be distributed to all schools at the fall Area Meetings. 

  What happens if I lose my name badge?

If you lose your name badge, a hand written one will be provided for you the day of convention.  Name badges are required to enter sessions and the exhibit hall.

  Where do we park?

Parking is available in a variety of lots surrounding the convention center.  Check the all-day rate before you enter, because some are more expensive than others. Parking information can be found here.

  Is there food/drink available during the day?

There are two food carts located at the convention center for coffee, breakfast items, fruit, and some sandwiches.

  What do I do when I arrive?

There will be an information desk on the main floor of the Wisconsin Center.  There will be QR codes to access sessions for speakers and the list of exhibitors for the day. 

  Can I attend sessions other than the ones I registered for?

No, since there may not be room for you.  Presentations occur in various-size rooms based on the registration numbers. Your name badge lists the numbers of the sessions you registered for, and is checked as you enter to make sure you are in the right place and will have a seat. 

  Will printed programs be available at the event?

No programs will not be available at the event, so make sure you check the website or print a copy of the program prior to the day of convention.

  Will speakers have handouts?

Many speakers will provide a link or webpage for you to access their handouts; others will ask us to post them on the convention webpage.  You may want to check the webpage a few days prior to the convention to see if there are handouts for your session(s). Some handouts may be posted after the convention.

  Will there be internet access in the sessions?

Internet access will be available in most session rooms.  All common areas in the convention center have internet access.

  If you are introducing a speaker, where do you go to meet them and get the materials you need to facilitate the session?

Session facilitators should come directly to “Convention Headquarters” located on the first floor, to the left of the main entrance. 

  Will there be a room available for nursing mothers?

If you are a nursing mother and need accommodations during the event, please come to the Convention Headquarters, Room 101AB.

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